Round-up: Workplaces, Streets and Conferences…

Its been a busy week for the campaign, with groups out leafleting workplaces and streets in the build up to the march at the Conservative Party conference. After last weeks meeting, where 12 people managed to cover a huge amount of organisational ground, on Thursday we covered every house in the Leeman Road housing area, and on Friday morning we went to the council offices around St Leonard’s Place. If you want a coach ticket, please get in touch quickly, as we’re looking likely to run out without much chance of a second coach.

On Saturday we didn’t manage to find space for a stall, as the food festival has taken over, but on Sunday, two group members travelled to Liverpool to join with Trade Unionists from across the North West for a march and rally. It was pretty wet, but great to see a crowd of hundreds nonetheless, 4000 as claimed by the organisers – who at one point looked worried that we wouldn’t all fit into the rally space! Speeches came from some pretty big Trade Union names, including Dave Prentis of UNISON (full text). You can read a full report here.


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