We’re on our way to take on the Tories!

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We’re writing this from the coach on the way down to Birmingham,. We stopped at the services and got this photo of our group with our various banners. Its raining, but we’re not put off! Read on for our press release…

Today, members of York Stop the Cuts – Right to Work campaign are taking their message to the Government. The group will join thousands of protesters outside the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham for a rally and march. The marchers are defiant in the face of bad weather.

York Stop the Cuts believe that the Coalition Government’s budget slashes are unfair, unnecessary and will have a devastating impact on York’s community. They expect the Conservatives to use their conference to announce further cuts and privatisation. Today’s march is supported by national unions and local residents alike.

Jennifer Clayton, a member of the group said:

“As someone living with a long-term disability, I wouldn’t be alive without the NHS. These cutbacks threaten local jobs and the lives of York’s most vulnerable people. The people who caused the recession are reckless stockbrokers– yet they take home millions of pounds in bonuses. I’m fighting back because I want my tax to pay nurses, not bankers.“

York Stop the Cut – Right to Work are affiliated to the Coalition of Resistance, and the National Right to Work Campaign, who are organising the protest. Organisers for the group hope this will inspire others to join the campaign, and dispel the myth that there is a consensus for cuts.

Graham Martin, a local charity worker and member of York Stop the Cuts – Right to Work said that the fears of local residents have been voiced in their meetings:

“We are hearing that key frontline services like York’s fire service, post offices and care homes are under threat. The government has already broken promises before the cuts are announced. People are only starting to realise the extent of the cuts, but there is still time to fight back. Each week we get more members. The group gets stronger all the time.”

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