Student Group discusses “Beating the Cuts”

At a meeting on Wednesday night, students at the University of York discussed the need to beat the cuts proposed for Higher Education and the strategies and tactics than could be employed. The campaign continues, with a mock “Degree Auction” planned for Wednesday 24th as part of the nationwide Day of Action against Fees and Cuts.

Speakers included the Students Union Women’s Officers, who detailed the importance of access to Higher Education for women’s equality. The secretary of the local UCU branch detailed York’s ambitious plans to grow in the face of cuts, and the risks that this might present if the University has got its sums wrong.

Finally, the meeting heard from Pat Rolfe, formerly a student at Sussex University. He explained the massive rise in participation on campus at the time major cuts were being announced. The campaign included protests, occupations and several other tactics.

York Students Against Cuts is a part of York Stop the Cuts – we’re really glad to see people branching out and building resistance in their own communities and workplaces.


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