City Budget Week News Clippings

All these links have been doing the rounds, but here’s a reminder of some of our York Press articles from the last week. We’re generally thankful for their coverage, though some of the comments they printed unchallenged from Lib Dem and Tory party leaders will be getting further responses.

The budget process started with exec member hearings, and for the session covering Adult Social Care, group members organised this creative vigil. We got our first coverage before even doing anything, as we announced our week of action, and a week later, we were back with our march through a rainy York last Saturday, taking front page photo for the first time, alongside a series of cuts news stories. Tuesday’s public meeting also got reported, and group member Denise Craghill made an appearance in the letters page.

There was some distinct scare mongering going on before the council meeting, with the police having their own coverage, despite their vulnerability to cuts. Whilst over 50 protested outside, including a delegation from UNISON, the headlines were written in the chamber with a table-top occupation. The leaders of the Lib Dem and Conservative groups have weighed in, and a response from those involved will shortly appear on this website.

2 thoughts on “City Budget Week News Clippings

  1. We need to get publicity on what the government proposals mean in human terms 1e Pounds , shillings and pence!! I will help with letters etc In the meanwhile if anyone is interested in joinnig me in a ” Public Sector Pensioners Picket” please email me or ring on 790732 Good luck to all concerned

    1. Do the public realise that last year, thanks to the government’s crafty and dishonest move in changing the goalposts ie. the price index our pensions are based on, the public sector pensioners received no increases , despite the fact that actual cost of living was shown to be rapidly increasing . If current proposals were in place when I retired fourteen years ago my lump sum and pension rate would have been almost halved and during the past fourteen years I would have lost 16% of my present pension.Government proposals are breaking staff’s contract of employment and should be opposed in every way possible . They are also sewing the seeds of poverty in old age of the lower paid in the public sector . Cameron and Clegg have done a u-turn on other issues , enough opinions of disgust /protest on this action could make him think again, especially as he maintain his ability to listen to public opinion !!! Good luck

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