First Coach Sold Out! Lets keep this growing…

This morning I did the sums and concluded that we had finished selling through the first of our coaches. There are still many familiar names missing from the lists and plenty of unfamiliar names appearing – we have a long way to go till March 26th and we’re on track to sell through 5 coaches if we keep up the work. If you haven’t bought your coach ticket, get it here – if your friends and colleagues haven’t got theres, send them the link! We can still see a million on the streets of London in 3 weeks, but only if we get the word out now!

We have a series of events coming up during the next two weeks to get the word out, and more beyond that.

  • On Friday evening, we’re trying something a little different: meet at he Black Swan at 8pm to begin a pub crawl mixed with fliering – hopefully we’ll have two teams to work through the city.
  • Saturday, we’ll be fliering on Bootham Crescent, just outside the York City grounds, from 2 to 3pm.
  • Tue 15th – Leafleting at lunchtime, meet at 12pm to flier near Waterstones, Coney Street.
  • Wed 16th – banner drop and fliering commuters from 8am to 9:30am. Meet outside Norwich Union, or find us near the station.
  • Sat 19th – Stalls in Haxby, Bishopthorpe Road, Acomb and Heworth Green from 10am to 12noon. We’ll also organise street fliering for the afternoon as well as the city centre stall – all hands on deck for this!

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