Third Coach filled… Final Week push!

On Friday we finished selling coach 3, taking us to 150 tickets sold. After Saturday, we’re a good way in to coach 4. Tickets are still available online. Combined with everyone travelling by union charter trains and other means, this takes us to 300 attending from York. We hope to gather as many of those as possible at our London meeting-point in Mallet Street, opposite the University of London Union at around 11.30am on the day.

On Monday, we’ll be meeting outside the Art Gallery in Exhibition Square at 5.30pm to get fliers out to houses around the Groves and surrounding areas. With lots of people, we’ll cover the entire area very quickly, and we often get a good response in this area. If you particularly want to cover your local streets, we may still be able to get fliers to you. We’ve covered somewhere close to 5000 houses already.

On Tuesday morning, we’re fliering workers from 8am, meeting outside the Aviva building on the corner of Station Rise/Rougier Street. This may be our last fliering event for the protest, so please come along – we get a surprisingly good response from people at this time in the morning.

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