ATOS protest: Solidarity with the Hardest Hit

In the week that saw some 8000 disabled people and supporters marching through London under the banner of “The Hardest Hit”, York campaigners have targeted a company deeply involved in the current witch hunt against disability benefit claimants. ATOS Origin hold the Department for Work and Pensions’ contract for carrying Work Capability Assessments. In line with the experiences of campaigners in other places, including Leeds, we found that ATOS had decided to shut-up shop for the day, which campaigners hailed as a success.

Campaigners with a banner reading "Don't Cut Disabled People Out"

York Welfare Campaign Group, a new initiative of Stop the Cuts, organised the picket and fliering of the ATOS-run Health Assessment Centre on St Deny’s Road and Piccadily this morning. Fliers were handed out, a banner was displayed and later the York Press turned up and a phone interview was given to Minster FM. The protest was part of a national week of protest called by “Benefit Claimants Fight Back“. The Welfare Campaign holds its next meeting in the Black Swan (Stop the Cuts’ regular venue) on 17th May at 7.30pm.


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