March on the Tory Conference

The Conservatives have decided to bring their annual champagne bash to Manchester, a city with a proud working class tradition and little support for their policies. In fact, with cuts disproportionately targeting the North of the England, its quite tactless. Lets make sure Cameron and Co head back to Westminster in no uncertainty about our determination to stop the policies they’re pursuing.

Keeping momentum going after the “March for the Alternative” six months earlier and June’s strike action, the TUC hope to bring over 50,000 people to Manchester to confront the Conservatives.  With another round of public sector strikes expected to follow on 30th November, plus student, disability and other campaigns gearing up, it’ll be a really key moment in building an Autumn of Dissent.

Our coaches will depart from the Memorial Gardens coach pick-up at the city centre end of Leeman Road, just around the corner from the train station. We set off at 10am and will aim to be back in York by 8pm. Please bring plenty of food and water. Our coaches have on-board toilets. Tickets are £12 and £8, plus a little extra for online bookings, which can be made at this site.

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