Going After ATOS

This Friday (30th September), York Welfare Campaign are holding a protest against welfare profiteers and creators of misery for thousands of disabled people ATOS Healthcare. ATOS hold the DWP’s contract to undertake the “Work Capability Assesment”, assessing every person claiming disability benefits to see if they can be forced into work, no matter how menial, ill suited or downright torturous the experience.

The protest will be held between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on St Sampson’s Square in the city centre (at the top end of Parliament Street). The primary aim is to inform the public and break through the media lies about disability benefit claimants and the treatment they are receiving from the government and contractors alike.

York Welfare Campaign was started by members of York Stop the Cuts concerned about issues directly facing people in York, especially the elderly, long term jobless and disabled. Future actions will include a lobby of the City Council over Elderly People’s Homes plans that could see private sector profiteering through PFI schemes and contracting out of services. The group is also preparing actions around the closure of the Acute Ward at Bootham Park Mental Hospital. The group will hold its next planning meeting at the Corner Pin on Tanner Row between Rougier Street and North Street from 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th October.


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