The Andrew Lansley Masquerade Ball

** UPDATE **lansley in york


We’ve had our Masquerade Ball and it was truly a success, with the friendly security guards informing us that we could indeed be heard by the Tories dining inside the hall. So, for your pleasure, here are a couple of videos of what we got up to:


** Original Invitation **

In just over a week Andrew Lansley will be visiting York, speaking at a Conservative Party fundraising event. Of course we feel this is an excellent opportunity to let Mr Lansley & co. know how we feel about his plans for the NHS.

Here’s the details…

Name: The Andrew Lansley Masquerade Ball
Date/Time: Saturday 29th October, 7pm
Location: Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, Piccadilly

You are cordially invited to a Masquerade Ball in (dis-)honour of Mr Andrew Lansley CBE, the Minister for (and Chief Wrecker of) Health, who is visiting our fair city on the night of Saturday 29th October.

We would be delighted if you would join us in (mourning) celebrating the success of the Health and Social Care bill in decimating the National Health Service.

Entrées: Please supply snacks
Main Course: the NHS
Dress Code: Black tie/your finest evening attire and a mask of your choice*

Please present your good selves to Piccadilly for 7pm on Saturday 29th October, 2011. Your attendance will be warmly received (though maybe not by Mr Lansley).

* We recommend Tory Ministers, but any mask will do…

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