30th November Strikes

On 30th November up to 3 million public sector workers will be on Strike. The strike is about the Government’s attempt to cut public sector pensions – but we know workers are angry about much more than that.

The government proposes to massively hike the pension contributions of public sector workers and increase their retirement age. However, many people in other sectors of the economy have a very poor pension provision. The strikers want to see everyone have a fair and descent pension.

The government’s program of cuts will harm almost everyone, especially the poorest. Council services face huge cuts and many low-paid workers in York are facing the prospect of losing their homes as housing benefit is slashed. But this austerity doesn’t work! Greece has faced a harsher cuts package, but their economy has only worsened.

Join the strikers as we resist the government’s attempt to make ordinary people pay for a crisis they did not cause! Cuts to public services and pensions will only mean everyone doing the same jobs for less pay and services; the only result of this is that the profit from our labour goes to the already rich. At the beginning of last year Barclays bank announced record profits of 11.6 billion with 2.7 billion put aside for bonuses. We are not all in this together!

Support the Strike: March and Rally in York

Join over a thousand people from across York and North Yorkshire for a march of unity with those on strike and those facing cuts to vital services. This will be the biggest march in York for 8 years, and we’re determined to use it as a symbol of unity against the media’s divisive messages over the strikes.

Assemble 12pm outside Clifford’s Tower, then march to York Minster for a rally at 1pm.

If you want to help out on the day, please see our Upcoming Events page.

For those who use Facebook, see our “March Together to Defend our Futures” Facebook event.

22nd November – Public Meeting: Stopping “The Great Pensions Robbery”

7–9pm, Friends Meeting House, Friargate, York, YO1 9RL

Come along to hear speakers from across the front-line battles against cuts and privatisation, speakers include:

  • Marion Lloyd, from the National Executive of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) who are taking part in the strike.
  • Jill Adamson. Chief Executve of the National Association of Youth Theatres, which is facing drastic cuts.
  • Union members from York in Unite and UCU.
  • Student activists and participants in the Occupy movement.

The meeting will also provide a chance to explore and discuss the issues around the strike on November 30th.

If you use Facebook, see our Stopping “The Great Pensions Robbery” Facebook event.

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