Who we are, what we do…

We are a group of like minded people from York and the surrounding region who oppose the cuts to social welfare.

We are made up of anybody and everybody who doesn’t agree with the government and their plan to make the most vulnerable in society pay for the crisis.

UPDATE: York Press today has an article on page 2 about the loss of York’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, who is based at the Eye Clinic within the hospital. This has to be one of the cruellest cuts in York to date and is a result of the government’s NHS restructuring and so-called ‘efficiency savings’. For information on how to get involved with opposing this cut, please see the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society’s website.

“The price of this financial crisis is being borne by people who absolutely did not cause it.”  Bank of England Governor Mervyn King

By working together we can show that this isn’t fair.

We are a campaign group, which means we organise protests, demonstrations and meetings. We support strikes and the campaigns run by Defend our NHS York and York Welfare Campaign; these are all good ways of pressuring the government. And through them we can stop the real cause of the crisis: the fat cat bankers.

The government is starting to back off from several of its planned so-called ‘reforms’, which shows that the pressure is working! But we need them to reform the banks and stop making ordinary people pay for the failings of the financial sector. We need to keep up the pressure!

What you can do…

We are holding a public protest outside the council budget setting meeting from 6pm on 23rd February. The protest will be in St Helen’s Square in the centre of York. Please do come down and show your support, there will be speeches, poetry and more.

…but there is more you can do than attending our protest. Here is a list of more things you can do, starting with the easiest first:

  1. Sign petitions.
  2. Write to your MP; for example, letting them know your concern about the cuts and job losses and asking why the government isn’t doing anything to fix the financial sector.
  3. Come and visit York Stop the Cuts on our stall in town. We try and have a stall every Saturday between 1:30pm and 3pm on Parliament St, and often in Acomb (11am-1pm) as well. We have plenty of free literature to give a way, and we are always up for a chat.
  4. If you are in work you can join your local trade union. Trade unions help to support the rights of ordinary people, and they can pressure the government to back down on policies which don’t benefit us. We work closely with the trade unions in York and can help you find one if you are unsure how to join. Simply drop us an email yorkrighttowork@gmail.com letting us know where you work and we can send you more information.
  5. Come to one of our events.
  6. Come along to one of our planning meetings, or a meeting of one of our related groups:  Defend our NHS York or York Welfare Campaign.
  7. Start your own campaign. This is not going to be for everyone, but if there is an issue you feel passionate about, then we are happy to support you in setting up a new campaign. This can be anything from letter writing to holding a protest. We are here to help. If you have an idea, please feel free to come along to one of our meetings, or email us yorkrighttowork@gmail.com, or post an idea on our Facebook group.

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