Monday 26th March: Mark Serwotka + Clare Solomon

Speakers and Discussion from 7pm, Monday 26th March at Friargate Friend’s Meeting House (map, Facebook event).

The anti-cuts movement stands on a potential turning point. On the one hand, the NHS privatisation bill has passed and many Unions have surrendered to pensions attacks. On the other, Osborne has released a budget that is being met with fury from public and media alike. People are beginning to realise that permanent austerity is a real threat.

Our key speakers for the night have both played pivotal national roles in the struggle against pensions cuts and tuition fee increases.

Mark Serwotka has been a key driver behind the ground breaking collective strike action in June and November last year. He’s a regular contributor to the BBC’s Question Time and Newsnight programs and a passionate and highly informed speaker.

Clare Solomon was President of the University of London Union during the 2010 student protests and has just returned from Greece, where she’s been learning about the struggle against austerity from local activists.

Plus local NUT, York College and other speakers, and chaired by York Unison’s Ben Drake.


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