Things are getting going…

On the 10th of May we are set to see a national strike from Health workers in the Unite union and PCS (public sector workers). With the NUT (teachers) and UCU (colleges and universities) possibly also joining, which would make up to half a million people on strike nationally.

These unions who are refusing the Government’s pension deal are hoping that the strike will force the government to back down. As the deal currently stands, most, including those on the lowest incomes, are set to pay more into their pensions and get a worse pension at the end of it. For more detail see the excellent Fair pensions for all pamphlet.

But people are angry at way more than just pension cuts. The public sector, health and education are facing cuts across-the-board, with many jobs under threat. The reduced service quality due to closures and staff losses is also demoralising for those who stay, and the rest of us who do not have such large salaries not to use public services are forced to make do with less.

If you are not in a union going out on strike on the 10th May, then there is still plenty you can do to get involved: with a lunchtime march and rally and our picket support centre in the morning. Checkout our events page for more details.

York Has a Housing Crisis

Due to York’s higher than average rent prices, many people are being forced to move away from York. And the situation is made worse by the government’s changes to housing benefit.

York Welfare Campaign are hosting “A Place to Live: York Housing Crisis debate”

Read more about it on York Welfare Campaign’s website. Also, please do invite your friends to the Facebook event.

The York Press have also run a couple of recent articles on the issue: Hundreds to lose housing benefit payments and Big variation in way benefit cuts will hit.

Here to Live, Here to Stay: Carnival against the Cuts

For Saturday 26th May, York Welfare Campaign and York Stop the Cuts are planing a fun, family focused event on Parliament St as part of UK Uncut’s Great British Street Party, more information coming soon. If you would like to get involved please get in contact, see our Contact Us page, or come along to one of our organising meetings.


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