Protest against Starbucks, *still* corporate tax dodgers

refuge-fullThis Saturday 8th December York Stop the Cuts and York Food Not Bombs are giving away free tea, coffee, cake and hot chocolate to protest against tax dodging by big corporations like Starbucks. You can find us on Coney St, York outside Starbucks from 11am ’till 2pm.

Our protest is part of a nationwide demonstration called by UK Uncut. Please share our Facebook event and invite everyone:

Unlike Starbucks who don’t care about the welfare of people, we’ll be giving all the donations we receive on the day to IDAS, a charity who work in York helping people suffering from domestic abbuse.

But didn’t Starbucks just announce they would pay their tax?

It’s true that Starbucks are saying they won’t claim the tax refunds they get from moving all their profits outside the UK. BUT they haven’t showed any signs of dismantling their complex setup of sister companies which exist only for them to dodge tax. So do we believe them? They may pay some token tax, but paying tax just when you feel like it (or when UK Uncut force you into it), is not addressing the issue; they’re just wriggling out!

Not the full story

Starbucks don’t like to give up their tax free profits, reported to be roughly 50 million. In order to finance their kind offer of 20 million in tax over the next two years, they have cut paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for their 7,000 coffee-shop workers in the UK. Saying that Starbucks are now paying their taxes is not giving the full story, Starbucks are now attacking the welfare of their workers. And this sort of cut to working conditions is not unusual from a private sector which will do everything it can to maintain profits as usual during a time when people are having to spend less.

So, please come and join us for a coffee outside Starbucks, and together we can keep upping the pressure until Starbucks and the other major offenders start paying their taxes!

For more info, please see UK Uncut’s statement on Starbucks’ ‘holow promises’.


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