From tax dodgers to tax profiteers

Today we are protesting outside of Starbucks on Coney St, York, from 11am ’till 2pm, against Starbucks’ tax avoidance. Yes, Starbucks are still avoiding their tax.

By shaming Starbucks into paying taxes we can shame the Government into collecting taxes, the only sensible way to fix the deficit. 120 billion, the value of the deficit, is the amount of tax revenue avoided, evaded or uncollected every year according to Tax Research UK.

workfare4_smallMoving from tax dodgers to tax profiteers. Next Saturday, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, we’ll be protesting outside companies which use workfare.

Join us to protest on Saturday 15th, at 12pm, outside Ryedale House, Piccadilly, York, YO1 9PE, we will be going on a tour of York city centre.

Please invite your friends to our Facebook event: Boycott Workfare Protest – York.

**UPDATE** We now have a better written and longer post on workfare.

Workfare is the Government scheme designed to help those who’ve been unemployed for a while to get jobs. Sounds good, no? The problem is, it doesn’t work. And what’s more, it’s forced labour. Anyone who refuses to take part in the scheme will have their Job Seekers Allowance docked. The Government claims those who take part in the scheme are receiving valuable work experience, but only 3.5% of those on workfare found jobs lasting six months, that’s below the Government’s own minimum target of 5.5%.

Meanwhile, the companies that take part are getting free labour at the tax payers expense. Those on workfare still receive their Job Seekers Allowance rather than a wage from the hosting company. The work involved is often the most menial, requiring little or no training. But, it is work these companies profit from, and in some cases, companies have laid off staff in order to take on workfare placements.

Businesses are profiting from forced labour paid for by the taxpayer. It is an expensive and useless scheme, which should be scraped. Embarrassing and shaming the companies that take part in it is an effective way of getting the Government to do a U-turn. If it becomes too unpopular for a company to take workfare placements, the Government will simply have to scrap the program; an embarrassment for the Government and a win for ordinary people.

For more info, please see Boycott Workfare.


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