Group Statement

This is our group statement. We hope it gives you a clear picture of what our group stands for and what we believe about the cuts and the alternative.

York Stop the Cuts/Right to Work Campaign is a non-party political group of local people opposing the government’s cuts and privatisation agenda. These policies are threatening people’s livelihoods, severely undermining their quality of life and will leave a devastating legacy on our community.

The Cuts are Unfair

The cuts made by the Con-Dem coalition are destroying the existing, already weak, support systems for the poorest and most vulnerable. We have already seen cuts to the provision of health and care services, disability allowances, legal aid, children’s services, education, funding for charities and more. In addition local authorities are delivering blow after blow to our communities by reducing or closing public services with the result of increasing unemployment and alienation.

In York, the 2011-2012 council budget implemented cuts of over £20 million. This included reducing the support for young, elderly and disabled people. In addition, transport subsidies have been cut which has meant a loss or reduction of bus services and massive increases in the cost of getting to social care activities for the most vulnerable. Both the government and local councils will be continuing with more cuts for at least three more years.

The economic crisis which led to these cuts was caused by wealthy bankers who made costly mistakes but take home millions in bonuses. British banks have been bailed out by taxpayer money while valuable community resources are losing out. This is at a time when the gap between the very rich and the rest of the population is the widest it has been for over 40 years. The wealthiest people are continuing to get richer at the expense of the majority of the population.

The Cuts are Unnecessary

The current government strategy has not fixed the UK economy; instead it is increasing the wealth gap, leading to a double dip recession and even more unemployment. However, it does not have to be this way as there are alternatives. We believe that the government should focus on collecting the estimated £120 billion tax which is avoided, evaded and uncollected each year, the vast majority from wealthy individuals and corporations. In addition, investing in areas such as housing, renewable energy, and public transport would create jobs as well as building a fairer and more equal society.

Fight back

We have fortnightly meetings that are open to everyone. Come and share the effects that the cuts are having on your life. Together we can join the national fight against the cuts and protect local jobs and services.

For the date and location of our latest meeting, see our Upcoming Events page.

For the latest news and comment, see our Home page.

Want to learn more about our group and opposing the cuts? See our Facebook page (we also have a Facebook discussion group).


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