Good Bye from York Stop the Cuts

After a period of online discussion and a final meeting, York Stop the Cuts is coming to a close. In 3 years of existence, we have done a lot, but now is the time to stop and hand over to other groups and projects who will keep the spirit of the group alive whilst bringing in fresh energy. We want to emphasise that this is a positive move, allowing new activities to grow up in our place.

York Stop the Cuts has catalysed to the rejuvenation of York Trades Council and Food Not Bombs York (the folks who feed us on protests), and the formation of York’s Alternative History and York’s Housing Crisis, and played a role in building up York Welfare Campaign and Defend Our NHS York. But deeper than that, the group leaves in its absence a big network of people who remain connected and ready for action. When the EDL threatened York Mosque, many of those connections were in evidence among the familiar faces who showed up.

The small sum of money in our bank account is being passed forwards to York People’s Assembly to support their launch conference on Saturday 12th October. We invite everyone who has supported this group to support that event and the growing group behind it. We also want to highlight these groups for you to stay in touch with:


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