Protesting works – “Paying tax is not a voluntary choice…”

montageUK Uncut’s nationwide protest certainly sparked off something, with Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, saying “Taxation for big companies, or for anyone in society, can’t be, and mustn’t be, a voluntary arrangement”. Earlier in the week, Starbucks offered to pay 20 million “above what is currently required by tax law.” Alexander added: “Paying tax is not a voluntary choice, it is not something you can just chose to do willy nilly because you think it will please your customers, it is an obligation.” [1]

The big win here, is not that we embarrassed Starbucks, but that we have helped to move the Government. By raising the issue with Starbucks in the mainstream media, the Government is forced to take our side, or be complicit over large-scale corporate tax dodging – not a popular position in a time of austerity.

Protesting works, please join us for more this Saturday 15th over workfare.

For more info on the issue surrounding Starbucks, see: Protest against Starbucks, *still* corporate tax dodgers

[1] BBC – Tax not ‘voluntary’, Alexander tells firms



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